Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A BIG week!

This is a BIG week for us at JWA.  We should hear the result of three different pitches during the course of the next few days, we have signed up two new clients for 2011 in the last two days, on Thursday evening we will all be attending (and I will be moderating) the annual IBF Christmas party, and during the course of the evening we will find out whether we have won an award at the European Excellence Awards for PR - we have been shortlisted for our work with Prague International Marathon.  

I could say that we are all very excited, but with five tons of snow landing on us every day, most of us having colds and coughs, and work coming out of our ears, it is not immediately noticeable!   We are so disappointed not to be able to get to the award ceremony - all the marketing media are tipping us to win in our category (ahh... maybe I am getting excited)... but we just can't make it work - we had thought to have a car outside the Mandarin Hotel where the IBF event is being held, having it whiz us to Zofin for the award ceremony, wait for us to collect the trophy (hah)  and then bring us back to the Mandarin, but logistically... high heeled sandals, long dresses and fifteen feet of snow on the ground... it doesn't really work.

Whatever happens, there is sure to be another blog by the end of the week.  And now, back to the subject that is causing us all the biggest amount of stress (well, maybe not Andrej and Mark!) - what to WEAR!

More soon.

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