Tuesday, 3 August 2010

PR Spin!

The biggest news of the day is that, after being nagged to death by some of my colleagues and friends, I have finally agreed to move JWA a bit further into the 21st Century and agree to the agency having a blog!

I suppose that I have always felt that we are well enough known in the Czech Republic to not have to market ourselves too hard - ten years ago, I remember being adamant that we would never have a website... but, you know, being "well known" is not enough any more, and when times are as difficult as they are now, I am up for doing whatever it takes, within reason, to raise our profile!

Are we the only PR agency out there that is battling to find new business? I know a couple of agencies here that will tell anyone and everyone that their business is booming, but I suspect that that is just their version of 'PR spin'. Certainly we are having to work hard even to open the door to companies that not that long ago were throwing money at advertising and PR as if there was no tomorrow. And then, once the door is open, it is taking forever (or longer, if there is such a thing) to get agreement to go ahead. The annoying thing is that we know that, if they would just take the risk and spend a little bit of money, we could help them to make so much more.. but try persuading them that... and, no, that is not just PR spin. Hey ho. We will see what tomorrow will bring...



  1. Welcome to the 21st century my dear- it suits you!

  2. Okay. I'm giving you som comment juice here...which is a good thing! Good woek on the blog! Inerested to read more in the coming days.